Sport & Enrichment


Our summer sports are Athletics (junior and senior) and Cricket (mini and senior). We have already competed competitively against others school with some of our athletes. They participated against twenty other schools at the Table View Inter Schools meeting held at Parrow track in February. The athletes did really well, with Monique Hlatswayo (Girls U/10) placing 3rd in the 80m and 100m finals. She qualified to participate in the zonal meeting held at the Bellville Velodrome, but decided to rather participate in the school’s Inter House Meeting which was unfortunately scheduled for the same day. Our cricket is in full swing, but we have not yet established teams to compete against other schools.

Sunningdale Primary is proud to announce four various winter sport codes to choose from, being Soccer, Hockey, Rugby and Netball (all having junior and senior teams). In these sport codes we are also still preparing teams to compete.

One must remember that the school is in its second year of existence and to have access to coaching of all these various sporting codes is already amazing. Also, the school currently only runs up to Grade 4 which makes it even more difficult to establish senior teams as your senior teams only start from Grade 4 level and we only have two classes in that grade. Nevertheless, the learners are very eager and excited to take part in the variety of sporting possibilities.

We now face a new challenge; a sports field which is not acceptable nor appropriate for practices or matches. We are in discussion with various companies regarding fixing the field, but this requires major funding, something a new school does not necessarily have freely available. We have therefore decided to launch our own process, called operation “clean-up”. This will commence on Monday, 12 May 2014 and will involve the entire school. We will divide our sports field in sections which the various grades will attend to. We will pick up any and all possible rocks, stones and debris. This activity will mark the start of our process to fix our field, hopefully within the next two months.

We are looking forward to a successful project with our sights on the exciting sporting future at Sunningdale Primary.

Sport Uniform Requirements

Clothing Bank Times
Monday to Thursday – 07:30 to 8:30
Tuesday and Thursdays – 13:00 to 14:00

Boys Sport Guidelines & Prices

Boys’ Sports Winter Uniform – Grade 1-4
– Sunningdale sports shirt
– Sunningdale sports tracksuit
– Sunningdale sports cap
– White socks or Sunningdale match socks
– White takkies or soccer togs
– Navy sports bag

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Girls Sport Guidelines & Prices

Girls’ Sports Winter Uniform – Grade 1-4
– Sunningdale sports shirt
– Sunningdale sports tracksuit
– Sunningdale sports cap
– White socks or Sunningdale match socks
– White takkies
– Navy sports bag

Girls’ Hair and accessories
– Fringe may not fall over the eyebrows
– Girls’ hair touching shoulders must be tied up
– Only plain black and navy coloured hair accessories
– Girls may only wear one pair of gold or silver small studs.
– No other jewelry may be worn except medic alert bracelets
– Watches with either navy or black straps

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Why Chess? I say why not Chess? At this level of development, discovering the art of Chess is a useful learning tool which is not only mentally stimulating, it implements tactical and meticulous thinking, thereby encouraging your child to problem solve and create different scenarios with various outcomes. Chess teaches your child to take a step back, and see a bigger picture.

Chess takes place each Friday from 12:45 to 13:30 in the Art Room and is currently only for Grade 2 to Grade 4.

Learning this strategic game requires dedication, planning and forethought. It is a process. We therefore hope to have our Sunningdale Chess Team ready for inter-school competitive tournaments in the near future.


Drama is a fun and exciting way for the learners to express themselves artistically. Drama is done in stipulated classroom where an educator is provided for learning.

Drama times:
Mondays: Grade 3-4 (14:30-15:15)
Tuesdays: Grade 1-2 (13:15-14:00)

Activities include:
– Role playing
– Plays
– Poetry
– Public Speaking
– Charades
– Story Telling