Art room
Sunningdale is very proud to announce the latest exciting addition to its cultural repertoire, a fully stocked art facility. The art room first opened its doors in April 2014 and now serves as creative melting pot where fun is mandatory and imagination a must. Our aim is to provide every child with the opportunity to freely express his or her individuality. Classes are scheduled as such that children have access to the art room at least once a week in the format of supervised classes where they are taught the basics of colour, shape and composition, as well as the use of a variety of mediums by creating fun and unique pieces of art.
It is our aim to encourage our students to participate in local and regional art competitions and Eisteddfods and as such we have already entered some of our aspiring young artists into the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod.

Save the Rhino Competition
At Sunningdale we also aim to instil a sense of responsibility and awareness in our children and as the saying goes: “a picture says a thousand words”, what better medium is there to raise awareness than art! As such all the children created wonderful works of art to express their beliefs and concern for the ever present threat to South Africa’s rhino population by poachers.
In cooperation with the Save the Rhino Organisation we hosted an art competition. To enter each participant donated R5 which in turn was donated to the organisation to aid them in the preservation of our rhino’s. The Save the Rhino Organisation also sponsored prizes to the top artist in their respective grades.