Sunningdale Primary School is a public primary school established in 2012 for first time admissions and enrolment in 2013. Opening with a Grade R year and Foundation Phase classes, the school will introduce new grades as the cohort of enrolments for 2013 progresses from Foundation Phase to Intermediate and Senior Phase, up till and including Grade 7. This Admissions Policy will be adapted on an annual basis (or when necessary), to account for and manage the growing enrolment and enrolment design for the school.

School Times

Office Hours
07:45 – 15:00 Monday – Thursday
07:45 – 14:00 Friday

Mondays – Thursdays

Grade R :   07:45 – 13:15
Grade 1 – 2 :     07:45 – 13:30
Grade 3 – 7 :     07:45 – 14:30

Friday departure times to assist with parking, the end times of school day will be as follows
Grade R and 1: 12:15
Grade 2 and 3: 12:30
Grade 4,5,6 and 7: 12:45

Drop-off Hours
Educators will be at the school each day from 07:15 to supervise the arrival of learners.

School Fees

For the current school fees please contact 021 554 2990

Prior to making any deposits please adhere to the following:
1) Deposit reference: (Grade no.)(Childs Name) e.g. GR3 Matthew Hollesen, GRR Andy Capp, etc.
2) If depositing cash please ensure sufficient funds are deposited to cover the cash deposit fee.
3) No proof of payment need to be forwarded as FNB has an auto deposit mailing system.
We will be notified on receipt of your deposit.

Bank Details:
Bank : First National Bank
Branch : Table View
Branch code : 203-809 (or generic code 250-655 may be used)
Account Holder : Sunningdale Primary School
Account Type : Current Account
Account No : 623 858 322 93
Reference: *Use your account number


As a service to our parents and children, Sunningdale Primary established an aftercare programme during February of 2013. Initially beginning with just 16 children and one educator we now stand at 86 learners with four staff members.

The programme ensures that children spend their afternoons safe and doing constructive activities including supervised homework, after which enjoying monitored fun with their classmates and other children. It also affords family flexibility as in allowing parents of multiple children a single scheduled pick-up time for when their children have other after school activities, invariably ending at different times. Our programme runs from 13h00 – 18h00, from Monday to Friday. The facility operates as per the school calendar; i.e.; public holidays and school holidays the facility is closed.

Every Wednesday afternoon the children have the option to attend The Bible Club hosted by Deborah Stein of Christ Church Blaauwberg, for an hour. This lesson is very popular amongst the children.

Our aftercare is a happy and stimulating place. Children from grade R to grade 4 work and play together, developing an appreciation of co-operation, courtesy and mutual respect. Children are guided by a team of experienced, enthusiastic assistant teachers that make education fun and who take every opportunity to cultivate creativity, individuality and love for learning. Each child is given the individual encouragement and support they need to flourish.

Our Grade R class is full of sparkling characters. The cutest personalities that develop from the group range from hula-hoop queens to dancing ballerinas and active soccer stars. These young little people have a way of crawling into one’s heart, leaving their personalities stapled in securely.

“The little girl who has 12 different names (we counted the other day), ranging from Kardashian to Dora Girl – and all the sass to go with them… Then there’s my shadow… very few words, but most of them are “teacher, can I sit on your lap” or “teacher, can you hold my hand”… or the 7 musketeers! These guys do everything together. They eat together, play together, cause mischief together… they light up the class! These are some of the kids that light up my life and I will miss them next year, when they leave to the grade 1 aftercare class …”

We are further entertained by the variety of personalities in our Grade 1 class;
“Every day I am faced with a pleasant surprise or a challenge with the children in my aftercare class. They each have a unique personality. I have the outspoken and bold, the shy and observant. I have divas and dudes. They all are special and gifted in their own way, they often make me smile with the cute things they say, but as a class we have found a routine that allows us to complete our daily tasks.”

In our Grade 2 class;
“I have been privileged to work with a full spectrum of characters like the mischievous identical twins (whom I can never tell apart). I’ve had the satisfaction from the smiling faces and close bonds forged with learners.”

Grades 3 and 4 currently make up the balance;
“A few of the children are here simply getting on with their daily school routine, others are forever striving to achieve their best. The transition that many have shown and their hunger for achievement is evident not only in the results they achieve in the classroom, but also on the sports field…and then we have the characters…”

For further information regarding enrolment at Sunningdale Aftercare please feel free to contact the school or Mrs. Van Ellewee on 021 554 2990.

In summary, the benefits of enrolling your child at Sunningdale Primary School’s Aftercare;
– Safe and controlled environment.
– Supervised homework – see our children’s academic results!
– Supervised activity time – safer and encouraged.
– Close at 6PM, Monday to Friday allowing ample time for you to collect your child after your day at work.